As part of the security of the device there are no "backdoor" passwords or ways for IronKey to restore the device for you.

IronKey Basic S1000:

If you are unable to recall your password, we can only provide helpful tips on how to remember or recover it. After 10 failed consecutive password attempts, the device will either reset or permanently self-destruct based on this setting.This feature is configured at the time the device is initially set up and can be updated in the Preferences menu of the IronKey Control Panel.The reset function will wipe all your data and the AES Encryption keys on your device, so your data will not be recoverable, but allows you to initialize and use the device again.

Please note: this option must have already been set within the IronKey Control Panel. Without unlocking the device there is no way to change from self-destruct to reset.

IronKey Enterprise S1000:

IronKey Enterprise S1000 users may contact their IronKey Enterprise Administrator for password assistance.