All IronKey devices (S100, S200, D200, S250, D250, S1000,) permanently self-destruct after 10 consecutive incorrect password attempts. The Enterprise versions have the option to have a different count set by your IronKey System Administrator. The Basic versions have the option to be configured to perform a reset rather than self-destruct. The Personal versions have no options. 

Self-destruct means the flash memory is erased, the AES encryption keys are erased, and the IronKey is permanently unusable; there is no way to reset the device or use it again once the self-destruct has been performed. 

Displayed are ample warnings about incorrect passwords and device self-destruction. Each incorrect password attempt will display a warning indicating the remaining number of password attempts. Additionally, after every 3 consecutive bad password attempts you must remove the device and re-insert it. 

The last password attempt displays at least 2 very distinct warning messages stating this self-destruction is permanent and there is no way to recover an IronKey once it has self-destructed, and the action will void the hardware warranty.  The IronKey limited hardware warranty covers hardware manufacturing defects only.  Devices that have self-destructed are not eligible for replacement.