To transfer a file larger than 4GB, the USB flash drive must have NTFS or exFAT file system. Unfortunately, FAT32 file system does not support single files larger than 3.99GB.

Follow the steps below to format your drive with exFAT file system. Warning, all data on the drive will be lost! Please backup the data before proceeding.

1. Access File Explorer (Windows 10). Right-click on the Kingston drive and select Format.
2. Select exFAT from the file system drop-down list.
3. Enable Quick Format as the Format option and click Start.
Note: If exFAT is not an available option, close the Format window and follow steps 4-7.

4. Use the Windows search to navigate to Device Manager.
5. Expand Disk drives and right-click on the Kingston drive. Select Properties.
6. Click on the Policies tab and select "Better performance"
7. Click OK.

Repeat steps 1-3
Once the format is complete, return back to the Policies tab and re-select "Quick removal."