Predator and Savage memory use XMP profiles to overclock, however these modules ship from the factory at JEDEC standard values. Some systems do not support overclock speeds and latencies upon first installation, so in order to give every customer the best experience, Kingston sets the module to the JEDEC standard values, giving the user the choice to overclock using the XMP profiles if the system supports it. The XMP profile can then be enabled within the system BIOS.

Plug-N-Play (PnP) modules, such as FURY and Impact, ship from the factory at the advertised overclock speed and latency. If the system is not able to run at the overclocked settings, the system may either use the next highest timing profile or default to the JEDEC standard timings. FURY and Impact also featured an XMP profile that matches the advertised speed and latency. This can be used to force the system to overclock the memory if it does not overclock automatically.