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DataTraveler urDrive

DataTraveler urDrive
File Name File Size File Version
urDrive_3_0_0_11.exe 87.7MB v3.0.0.11


urDrive is an active storage management program featured exclusively on your Kingston DataTraveler USB Flash drive. Version of urDrive has an updated user interface that makes it easier to manage all of your files, folders, photos, videos, music and other content from one convenient, easy-to-use desktop for your USB flash drive.

urDrive software is included in this download. As per the urDrive terms and conditions, downloads and applications are subject to availability.

Please backup your personal data on your USB Flash drive before continuing.

Supported Operating Systems:

Windows 8, Windows 7 (SP1), Vista (SP1, SP2) and Windows XP (SP2, SP3)

Kingston urDrive v3.0.0.11 Installation Procedure
Requirements: DT100G3/xxGB, DT101G2/xxGB, DTIG3/xxGB, DTSE9/xxGB, DT109/xxGB, DT108/xxGB or DT102/xxGB

Installation Note: Please insert your Kingston DataTraveler USB drive before proceeding to step one.

Installation Process:

  1. Click on the urDrive_3.0.0.11.exe link to initialize the urDrive software download.
  2. Select "OPEN" or "SAVE" and wait for the application to complete its download.
  3. Locate your file and double-click to begin the installation procedure.
  4. From the WinRAR self-extracting window, click the "BROWSE" button.
  5. Navigate to the Kingston DataTraveler USB Flash drive (e.g. Kingston (E:)) and select it. Then click "OK" to proceed.
  6. Finish by clicking the "INSTALL" button to extract the files to the Kingston drive.

Your new urDrive software will be located on your Kingston DataTraveler USB Flash drive, ready for use.

Warning: urDrive software is only supported on Kingston DataTraveler models: DT100G3/xxGB, DT101G2/xxGB, DTIG3/xxGB, DTSE9/xxGB, DT109/xxGB, DT108/xxGB or DT102/xxGB

urDrive FAQs

Note for MAC Users

urDrive is not compatible with Mac OS.