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SSD Installation Kit

Kingston SSD Installation Kit

SSD Install Kit

All of the accessories you need for a quick system upgrade

With this versatile kit, you can:

  • Quickly and easily upgrade your notebook or desktop
  • Save the cost of hiring an installer or buying a replacement system
  • Save time by having all the accessories in one convenient place

It includes the hardware to mount a 2.5" SSD into a standard 3.5" drive bay plus a 2.5" USB enclosure for notebook installation. So you’re up and running in minutes.

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Kit includes:

  1. 2.5" USB enclosure and data cable
    - Use with notebooks, to migrate data
  2. 7mm–9.5mm adapter frame
    - Designed for 7mm drives that require installation in a standard 9.5mm notebook HDD bay
  3. 3.5" mounting plate and screws
    - For desktops, to replace a 3.5" hard drive
    - Form-fitting mounting plate and all the screws you need
  4. SATA power and data cables
    - Connects the drive to the desktop
  5. Hardware cloning software and installation video
    - Step-by-step instructions

* Compatible with Windows® 7 (SP1), Vista® (SP1, SP2), XP (SP3)